Saturday, June 11, 2005

Peru: Day 4

Yeah. So pretty much I've been pretty non specific when I write so I've decided to just tell everything we did today and then go back and fill in the description if I have any left over time. The morning started out by going to San Jeronimo (where Joanna's church is and where she lived last summer) to play with the kids at the park. Saturday's been park day for Joanna ever since I can remember so it was neat to see what all they did. I will give one detail just because it's so humorous. So the little kids here call Winnie the Pooh just "Winnie Pooh". Joanna's friend, Nolan, has called it Winnie Poof a few times. But today at park time, a little girl got all excited when we pulled out Pooh Bear coloring pages and she called it "Winnie Poot"! Joanna and I laughed so incredibly hard!

After the park we went to pick up our Machu Pichhu tickets for Monday. Then we came back to the house and ate some of Marcia's left over yummy Recoto Rellenos (peppers and rice) for lunch chased down with some of Peru's own Inca Kola. Then Joanna took me to all the good Saturday markets. The interestingness started when we came across what I thought to be cooked guinea pig. When I pointed it out to Joanna, she informed me that it was pig fetus. Yeah. So I promised myself I wouldn't get caught up in the touristy trap of buying trinkets for all the friends and family back home, but yeah, sure enough I got caught a little. I keep justifying my purchases by least I didn't buy any of those little Smurff hats like Jesse loves, or those lama skin Indiana Jones hats like all the visiting missionary groups inevitably get! Any way. Needless to say, we were both shopped out by the time it was all said and done.

Then we came back home so that we could finish up our "Shasta" card game and so the pain of me beating Joanna's butt for a change could be quick and as painless for her as possible. Then we talked to her family on iChat for a while. It was really really strange being on this side of the camera. The Grants were sitting in the very place that Caleb, Rebecca, and I were sitting just weeks ago to talk to Joanna. It was more than a bit strange!

So for dinner we went to eat Alpaca in down town Cusco. It was delish. Smothered in a mushroom sauce with a kind of mash potatoes that were heavenly. Ahhh. Yum. I love experiencing a culture by eating their food! And then we came back and I kicked her butt some more in a couple of rounds of Rummy! I think being away from the states has dulled her card playing abilities!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is about the most detailed and yet not that I've been since I've been here so there we have it!

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