Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ohhh Hoodie!

You will start hearing me say "Ohhh hoodie"! It'll even be in an endearing tone of voice. I love the NFL's Ode to the Hoodie commercial. I'm sure that I'd seen it before but in watching the Pre-season opener between the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Redskins I viewed it again for the very first time! Seeing as the actual commercial is no where to be found in the worlds of YouTube or other Internet video, I thought I'd share these wonderful lyrics:

Oh hoodie-
Monument to the durable.
Fast friend.
Uncomplaining sucker of sweat.
In our most trying times, you still tried.
When other garments stopped at the neck,
you said, “Oh no, the head needs a garage.”
Our arms would pull off well before yours-
yet this is how we treat you.
Oh hoodie.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Books As Art

Since I've lived on my own, I've always seemed to have more books than any other possessions. My chief decorative concern has never been "where do I hang my pictures because I have so many of them," but "where do I hang my pictures because the books have taken all my wall space"! But even though I've tried to hang things tastefully around my bookshelves, I have also sought to order my bookshelves—and the books on them—in a tasteful manner. While I'm not anal enough to have my books in alphabetical order according to author, I do strive to keep them arranged according to subject. And always, always take special care with how the top shelf looks! Using books themselves as bookends has always been a favorite decorating tool for me. I'm sure it began with a lack of money to buy real bookends, but it has certainly developed into intentional decor. And let's not forget the strategically placed volumes stacked neatly in front of the over-crowded shelves. One must have some double-stacked shelves as a sign of being a dedicated bibliophile.

All that to say, I love strategically placed books. I like to look at them. I like the way they look. So one would ask, "can books be art"? And my reply would be, "absolutely, why not"! For those who share my "why not" enthusiasm, boy howdy, do I have something fun for you....
Floating Bookshelf

A friend told me about them a couple of days ago and I have since bought 5. I love them! Books as art! No wood inhibiting! Suspended magically upon a wall—a wonderful incarnation of the very mysteries they hold within their pages! Finally, an enabling device that makes art out of books by merging the practical with the aesthetically intriguing!