Thursday, June 09, 2005

Peru: Day 2

The altitiude still hasn't gotten to me. I was accusing Joanna even before I got here that she was trying to kill me...taking me rafting THE DAY after I get here. I remembered her stories of how the missionaries wouldn't let her carry her own bags when she first got here last summer because you're really supposed to do nothing until you get a little more acclimated. And then I remembered how her group went on some big hiking expidition a couple of days after she had arrived and she was really feeling it...shortness of breathe, light headedness, throw in may be a little nausia. Yeah. That type thing. So that's why I thought she was trying to kill me. But I was fine. I think I'm so used to running on little sleep and not really being in shape that if I did have any side effects from altitude acclimation in all blended together so I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary.

So yesterday, Joanna, Sara, Sara's friends and I went downtown Cusco for lunch. We went to Joanna's favorite burger place...the burger was heavenly and I'm pretty sure when I get back I'm going to be trying to put avacado and ham on my burger when we grill out Sunday lunches! And the bread was wonderful! I need to put in a little side bar...Joanna ahs made sure to tell me that they rarely go out to eat so I was specifically told not to think otherwise when she takes me to the places tht they've been to and liked. The two places we've been to so far are great...ok...enough about food. I'll write more later. I need to play cards now!

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