Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blah, Blog, Blah

In this particular stage of my life I find that I’m focusing more on new kinds of music rather than say new books, foods, or shampoos. I love music that tells you what it wants to tell you on multiple levels. I love fresh turns of phrase. I love creative melodies. I love the appropriate use of both violin and piano in pop music. I suppose the reason I haven’t been blogging about the music I’m listening to is because I have yet to find an effective, practical, and tangible way to post MP3 files.

I love music! But I feel that to post lyrics and make comments about the songs I share would be a poor justification for the whole of the musical art form. Because, despite popular opinion, I sincerely believe that means and message should compliment each other in a seamless tapestry of imaginative innovation. They should not contradict each other.

Today I discovered what I labeled at first as “Christian music that I might actually listen to”. I haven’t listened to the entirety of the newly released CD by Leeland entitled Sound of Melodies, but I already like this young group because it appears at first glance that they are giving a good go at putting some substance into Christian music. There seems to be more here than simply making sure you have a chorus, three verses, a bridge, a tag, and rhyming endings—there is actual artistry. Am I saying it’s a brilliant masterpiece? No. After all the lead singer, song and music writer, Leeland Mooring, is only 18. But what I can say is that it is well envisioned, well written, well rounded—in short, it’s extremely refreshing. It’s nice to know there is something to hope for and follow in the Christian music industry.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Google Video

Wow! Google continues to astonish to amaze me! It was revolutionary to be able to search the breadth and depth of human knowledge when Google.com began, with the addition of image, map, and news search the web became more of an inovative tool than ever before. And then Google introduced video search. From MacGyver to Johnny Cash, the German Coast Guard to Mac's 1984, Bud Light to Vince Young collegiate football snapshoots...the world wide web just got a bit more collasal and a lot smaller at the same time!

Here is Johnny Cash in one of my favorite music videos of all time. Enjoy!