Friday, June 10, 2005

Peru: Day 3

I've been told this is day 3, but I'm too tired to remember so I'm just going to agree with Joanna and the title of yesterday's first blog. Today was a lot of fun. We were going to go on a three hour horse back riding trip through some of the ruins around Cusco with Sara and her friends but a flight delay for one of them sent Joanna and I off to explore on our own. She was telling me before we went that the tour guides like to hike the price for "gringos" (a.k.a. white tourists) because they pay not knowing the difference. She had some idea of what was reasonable for a guided riding trip like this but I think we were still taken advantage of a bit. Oh well! 35 soles divided roughly by 3 (it's about 3 soles to 1 dollar) is $11.50ish for the both of us. I couldn't complain, but Joanna's been here long enough to think that's a little high...especially if they'd charge less for Peruvians!

This afternoon we went to the small village of Paiipanccay where Joanna, Sara, Nolan, and Melissa help kids with their homework. The kids stared at me for a long while, being a new gringo and all, but we broke the ice with some "Holas" and some eyebrow-crazy faces. I basically sat back and watched the whole time in amazement. Joanna says her Spanish is really bad but she sure has me fooled. Plus she's pretty much mastered the art of picking up what she doesn't know by asking. Towards the end the kids started teaching her words in Quechua.

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