Thursday, June 09, 2005

Jonanna's Entry

I wish I wasn't so wordy. Yeah. I've just rediscovered that I can't be concise. I've just spent one blog talking about avacado on burgers for heaven's sakes! So I've asked Joanna to write a piece so that you can know what happened AFTER 11:30 yesterday morning:

So yesterday was Christmas. No really it was. Not only did Santa bring me one of my best friends in the whole world, but he also brought me Dr. Pepper, Blue Moon, goldfish, and the list goes on and on. Amy brought two 70 lb bags filled with goodies for all the missionaries here, then she brought a carry on for all of her clothes. Now that is a real friend.
Amy hasn’t even been here 48 hours and we have already gone to a Cenciano futbol game, eaten chicken foot soup, and gone river rafting. The soccer game was fun, but our team won 6-0, so we kinda felt bad for the other team. The chicken foot soup is actually good and I think she was surprised. Now the rafting…have I ever mentioned that I am below the equator so it is winter here while summer in the states? Also have I ever said anything about being 12,500 feet up? Lets just say it was cold. We had a blast once we couldn’t feel our skin anymore. I was really scared, but it ended up not being that bad. I could do it again now that I know what is ahead, but at the time I was scared. I think I annoyed everyone in my boat, but hey that’s me…you either love me or hate me. I think the best part of the whole experience was the wet suits. Oh yes I said wet suits, it was that cold. I can’t wait to get those pictures developed! The only good thing about the wet suits was that everyone was wearing them, otherwise it would have been way to embarrassing! When we were first getting in our suits in the changing room, some girl from England said “well I wonder how many times these have been peed in.” I hadn’t even thought about that, but then the rest of the time I was in the suit (about 2 hours) that’s all I could think about. Good times!!!
Tomorrow is horseback riding and later “homework time”. I’m sure Amy will have plenty of stories to tell when she gets home. We will just have to see if she is still my friend after all the stuff I drag her through. Not only has she never been to South America, but she has never left North America…so we will see if she still loves me when she goes home!!

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