Monday, June 15, 2009

Day 8: What is the most important room in a home and why?—R.P.M.

In all honesty, I think it depends. The most important room in my attic loft as a single person is different from that of a family's ranch-style or two-story home simply because of occupants and space. For me things are classified more as areas then as "rooms". I have my dining area, my reading area, my kitchen area, and my sleeping area. Realy the only part of my home that could be classified as a room would be the bathroom. It is the only area in my house that has a door seperating it from the rest of the house. So if I were to have to name the most important room in my home it would have to be the bathroom by default. But if I were to name the most important area of my home I should have to say the reading area. My Wilbur chair takes up the majority of the space in my reading area left over after a bookshelf went on either wall, but books and chair—strategically placed by the front door which can be swung open on beautiful days—are enough to define my home as the peaceful place of respite that it is.

But in general I would say that the most important room in a home should be whatever room reflects best what the family or individual holds dear. If it is family then probably the living room or dining room. If rest and retreat then probably a bedroom or library. If it is productivity then probably an office or bathroom. But as for me and my house, I will say the reading area!

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