Friday, May 29, 2009

W is for Weddings

Once again I find myself at Parish for a wedding. Not for any particular friend or acquaintance, just as a part of the team that is on hand when Parish rents out the chapel for weddings. I help with set up, clean up, and sound. Sound is definitely the most eventful of my posts. Especially when the father of the bride is a professional and I'm just a jack of all trades and master of none. The technical lingo I don't have down completely but I could hold my own with the average Joe who needs a few things set up for a wedding.

It's rather fascinating to see all the different ways the elements of a wedding ceremony can be done. There have been times sitting in the back by the sound booth listing to the service when I've cringed, others when I've been delightfully surprised by what I've heard or seen. There have been weddings with as few as three brides maids and three groomsmen, and as many as nine and nine. For a small building that was a rather entertaining site. It's always fun to watch the little flower girls walking back up after the ceremony with the little ring bearer when she goes for his arm just like all the ladies had done before them and the little guy shakes her off as if he were to catch the cooties!

Well, duty calls. I must be off. Let's see what fun today's wedding holds in store!

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