Tuesday, May 05, 2009

P is for Process

It's a process, it's a journey
From beginning to the end
But along the way you will be helped
By stranger and by friend.

I've often told friends to stop and enjoy the process. Don't get caught up in how far you've got to go to get to where you want to be. Don't expect that you can bypass the journey to get to the destination. Stop and smell the roses, and when you catch a whiff of what you've stepped in to get to the roses remember, crap makes things grow better. I realize that when bad things happen it's typically for one of two reasons: 1) either you've done something bad, or 2) you're doing something good. Either way, what is learned in the process is just as important as getting through the hard times.

Being a big picture sort of person paints two interesting sides to this mentality. I will either enjoy the details so much more because I have the big picture in view and I see how one leads to and enriches the other, or I will get so caught up in the process for the sake of the big picture that I end up loosing sight of the big picture. With any strength there is a weakness. But it is amazing how God brings people and circumstances into my life to readjust my focus. Be it by stranger or friend, I am often helped along by the dearest of souls. They in turn become fellow travelers in this adventure, instruments of joy in this journey, sweet prompters of repentance in the process.


Mer said...

This is such a great discipline. I'm Proud of you!!

Inkling said...

Amy, I'm just peeking in to see where your alphabet project is taking you, and I really appreciate this post. Thanks. We're in a process right now, one that is hard and tough and painful, but I know something really beautiful and good is growing because of it. Thanks for the reminder. I liked the little poem.