Saturday, March 07, 2009

The Alphabet Project

I thought I was really creative in coming up with the name "The Alphabet Project". Well, I Googled it after my last post and it turns out that some other really creative people got together and decided to create a photography project with the same name. It's rather fascinating and after having looked through some of their stuff, maybe I don't mind playing second fiddle after all.

The (other) Alphabet Project


Anonymous said...

Hello Pensive Discernment,

Thanks for the write up and link from your blog.

My name's Stuart and I run the Alphabet Project that you are referring to.

When I set it up there were other Alphabet Projects out there in different fields.

So I just wanted to encourage you to continue with your idea and become our equal/better rather than second fiddle. There's plenty of room and I really dig your concept.

Thanks again and kind regards,

Stuart P

Amy said...

I'm looking forward to purchasing a copy of the Alphabet Project photography book when it comes out. And thanks for your encouragement!

Pensive Discernment