Thursday, November 10, 2005

True Truth

I was a bold first day teacher. Even though I had no idea what I was doing that day, I knew that I wanted to emphasize the fact that I was open for questions and that dialogue was welcomed. I also said that if I did not know the answer to something then I reserved the teacher privilege of researching and answering in a later class. That being said, I did not really expect much to come of that proclamation by way of response until much later in the school year. And that is where my simplistic ignorance as a new teacher was almost immediately addressed. Within the first week and a half I gave the assignment of writing a journal on the importance of truth. One of my students decided to write a creative follow-up essay, which he handed to me and asked for a response. Here is what Robert wrote. The response will have to come after a good nights rest!

False truth is only true when it falsely faces the true truth, but remains false to be truely false. When the truth is truely false and falsely becomes truth, then the truth is falsely true, truely. For truely, falseness cannot be true, unless the true truth is falsely true and truely false. Some would have you believe that false truth is truely false, but in fact it is truely falsely true, truely. Some say that falseness is not false truth, but rather truely false truth that has been de-truthed. Trueness and falseness are not falsely true or truely false, but rather falsely false and truely true. Sometimes falseness is misunderstood, and so can be considered to be amazingly truely false and falsely true. Truthfully, falseness is never falsely true, but usually truely false truth. This statement is truely false.

Is this statement true/false

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