Saturday, November 12, 2005

In Truth: A Reply

My interpretations of terms:
1) truly false: genuinely false
2) falsely true: unintentionally true
3) falsely false: true
4) truly true: true

A thing can not be falsely true and truly false at the same time. Truly (or genuinely) false truth is false because it has been "de-truthed". To say that trueness and falseness are falsely false and truly true is to say that both truth and fallacy are in the right, are equal, are true. Two negatives make a positive--to be falsely false is to exhibit truth. If you were to say that falseness is never falsely (or unintentionally) true but is usually truly (or genuinely) false truth (meaning that it is false because it has been "de-truthed"), then that last statement is incorrect in saying that the previous statement is truly false. True?

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