Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Fun New Discoveries

So, there was a question as to where yesterday's S4theD could be listened to online...I searched long and hard to find a place where King's College Choir, Westminster, or even Trinity could possibly have Jesus Christ the Apple Tree in its beautiful entirety. But alas, a lack. I found several upbeat remakes of the old hymn, but I couldn't let my self settle for those in stead of a choir arrangement. So I set off across the world wide web in search of a way to put an audio file on an independent blog. After much Googling I ended up right where I started, Blogger.com, bottom of the page where there is this novel button labeled "Help". I pushed it and did a search for music posts and came up with this newly re-released--this time for free--audioblogging technology. The big bold letters F-R-E-E are what did it for me at first, until I dug a bit deeper and realized that this new thing could be done totally independently from a computer and an online connection. Audioblogger is designed to be an on-the-go way to blog by telephone by waxing eloquence verbally as you may normally do so in writing. I was fascinated. I signed up. Am I ever going to have my voice on the world wide web? Um, NO! I have used audioblogging for an alternate purpose, having in the back of my mind that the technology should not control the human but the human is charged to take dominion over the technology and use it as an enhancing tool. Or something. Basically, I played the song from my iTunes with my phone on speaker phone. Way to take dominion! So today, I offer you two means of pleasurable listening. One is a second hand, bumps-and-static recording of a choir rendition of Apple Tree as lead by James Galway. The other--the link here given--is a modern folksy remake done by The Rankin Family. Enjoy!

Audioblog: Jesus Christ the Apple Tree

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bonnie said...

thanks! You are more technical for me. I gave up looking in the google search. Thanks for the Gileskirk Cathedral blog too. I sent it out to the High Street Gileskirk students this morning!