Thursday, October 09, 2003

Skimming the Details

(Primeval Saints by James Jordan)

The “big picture” has always been the easiest concept for me to grasp. I’ve noticed that I either don’t get the little stuff or I’m too lazy to see how it fits into the bigger picture of life. It’s not that the details have been over looked because of the overwhelming ornamentation or the assumed absurdity of seemingly abstract connections, it’s simply because I’ve never had the details laid before me in a manner that promotes the least import to the understanding of the whole.

Similarly—and yet in contrast—the church today has more of a self-vested call to promote the larger seemingly more important issues of gospel life. And yet, because this generation is more a product than the last of the shift away from liturgical orthodoxy, the details which have been lost or skimmed over are pieces of the puzzle that leave our big picture desperately lacking.

In either the personal or Church examples, the case bears evidence to our rejection of the ordinary means of grace, the oversight of inspired repetition, and the misinterpretation of divine sovereignty. All of which leave the gospel we proclaim shallow and superficial……

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