Thursday, October 30, 2003

Cognitive Dissident?: Gideon, Terry, and Judges

“As a ‘youth’ Gideon had been presented to us as one who provided the food of kings, bread and wine, to God’s people. He was a true servant, a man of real humility, oriented toward serving others and ruling them in that fashion. Now, however, he has forgotten this to an extent, and has begun to lord it over other men to some degree, however slight. Such is the tendency of the human heart.” --James Jordan (Judges, pg 156)

“He does not know himself well enough yet. He cannot fathom that he has violated Scripture, broken faith with the wife of his youth, broken faith with those he led into battle,...and broken faith with God Himself. He has robbed Almighty God of the glory He could have recieved as a result of the multitudinous gifts God deposited in Randall’s very person.” --Flip Benham (

How? Why? They started out saying, and being, and doing all the right things. I don’t understand. I want to understand. Where do they go wrong?

Their families--I know, and love, and respect. If it can happen to them it could happen to any Christian, right? I know, I know--the grace of God can intervein and show us our errors. But why didn’t God intervien in their lives? They knew Him, loved Him, sacrificed and invested in His Kingdom--just like the rest of us. How did they get from there to here? What was the turning point? I don’t understand, and I want something more.

It’s more than just saying, “we’re all human” or “we shouldn’t put people on pedistals”. We can’t be suspect of everyone yet at the same time it’s great to have examples. But what happens when one day our examples are saying and doing things so very right and then their actions belie their words?

Have I always learned by example or have I been burnt enought times to where my skeptical reaction is to watch a person’s actions before I even think about listening to what he has to say.

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