Tuesday, October 28, 2003

Practical Application 101

Yeah, so. Jordan's been rocking my world with all this "don't ignore the specific details" stuff and this "it's all about covenant" stuff. The things we--I--overlook and the reasons we--I--overlook them are completely, well, sad, shallow, and inconsistant. True it has made me want to slap myself and say "duh", but more than that I'm finding that my small burning ember of enlightenment is being stoked into this firely passion to connect more of the dots. And as I'm reaching that point, I'm also finding that--while I am taking such effort for my own hungering benefit--I'm wanting others to make these connections along with me. I'm wanting to go up to some one and say, "Walk with me. Let's see where this goes".

In light of that, practical application is needed--and consistant--in bringing these revelations both to further light and into use. Getting "back to the basics" and paying heed to the "specific details" are the things I'd like to work through and with my Bible Study girls on. What does this look like out of the class room where we talk "about" it, and how can I apply those two ideas by translating them into conviction and action? That will be the subject of thought over the next few days as I help wrap up our study in I Peter.

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