Thursday, July 02, 2009

Day 16: Belly Button Lint—G.D.W.

From the moment the last remaining bit of umbilical cord falls off till our dying day, we carry with us a companion that sticks with us through the toughest of times, maturing and growing better with age even as we do the same. It is the one constant, the ever present, the always faithful. It can start out small when we are small then grow to fill an ever growing void. It sees us through our first birthdays when our parents think it's cute to let us eat cake clothed only in a diaper. It holds our attention in kindergarten when our long-suffering teachers can not. It then becomes a teacher's aid when our elders seek (to no avail) to instill in us the importance of cleanliness in adolescence. From there it is little thought about, little heard of, little valued. Until the octogenarian age. Then it is rediscovered and appreciated for it's age and complexity, mostly because some one else has discovered it while giving us a sponge bath. Just think, it all started with a bit of left over cord, and then speck by speck, particle by particle it came into its own through ripe maturity. To it we owe a debt of gratitude, for it is part of who we are today.

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Joanna said...

So....wheres the part about the lint? I feel like that was just about the button!