Saturday, April 25, 2009

L is for Light

I was the first thing spoken into existence, and yet I existed before. I give freely to all who seek me, show mercy to those who do not. Though some men love the blackness rather than trust my revealing ray, I will ultimately pierce the shrouds of night and transform the shades of gray. Color is made evident in my presence. Beauty is shaped by my existence. The sun is my servant, and though I am a powerful master I can be a revealing friend. Hurling my shafts to harrow the most defiant of souls, I do so only that the day may dawn in the hearts of all who seek my truth. Those in whose eyes flicker the reflection of my glory ultimately become the hope of the world. They too are servants, they too are friends. In their hearts a knowledge not their own has been illuminated. When anything is exposed by me it becomes visible, for anything that becomes visible is me. Let me shine on you.

I Am Light.

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