Thursday, April 23, 2009

K is for Krispy Kreme

It's an obsession really. One that can't much be helped given my background, my tastes, my regional influences, and the fact that my grandfather used to take me to the original Krispy Kreme location in Winston-Salem, North Carolina when I was a small child. Grocery store doughnuts never have been a temptation for me. I've only on occasion bought Kripsy Kreme from a grocery store and those only on road trips and only the cake swirls. I'm a purist. Original, Hot-and-Now doughnuts were good enough for Vernon Rudolph back in 1937 and they're good enough for me today. Simplicity is an art. Food is an art. Simple food is no different. It requires great effort, much thought, and creative execution to make a simple food. Bells and whistles, color and pizzaz, or, in this case, icing and sprinkles don't actually make anything deliciously just right. There has to be an rudimentary recipe, a time tested taste that is the basis for culinary success. Then and only then can icing and sprinkles or custard and jelly be added to supplement and already exquisite substance.

I like my coffee black. I like my Krispy Kremes in their original form. The only variation on a theme you would ever catch me eating may be an occasional raspberry filled Krispy Kreme. But never, never would you catch me eating a raspberry filled Krispy Kreme in place of an original! In addition to, maybe. Probably. Ok, actually, yes...that's the way it would be. Or maybe in addition to two original Krispy Kremes. And depending on the day those delectable delicacies would either be helped down by black coffee or whole milk. As I say, depending on the day. More like depending on the time of day actually. If it were morning, coffee most definitely. Afternoon calls for some milk.

There were two times in my teenage years that I filled out an application to work at a Krispy Kreme. It was a dream job for me. Most people I see in a Krispy Kreme appreciate it for what it is. They Ooooo and Aaahhhh when they walk in and see the hot doughnuts rolling along the line and into their take home box. Young and old alike are eager to receive the free doughnut when the Hot-and-Now light is on. And then they taste it and the Oooooing and Aaahhhhing begins anew. It's always fun to watch. I'm sorry but being a rip off of Krispy Kreme and starting 20 years later and stealing the idea of alliteration for your company name just doesn't cut it for me, Dunkin' Doughnuts. And obviously your customers aren't the same kind of folks that come into Krispy Kreme to enjoy a sweet snack because all they come to you for is the coffee!

Ok, I've said my peace. Back to my applications to work at a Krispy Kreme. Well, I always loved seeing people's reactions to everything about Krispy Kreme. I loved their product, their logo, their service. And then one day I decided that I wanted to keep on loving all of that. I didn't want my ideal to be tainted. I didn't want my love to be made trivial by too much of a good thing. So I never turned in the applications. And so now, to this day I still have a fond affection for and abundant good memories of Krispy Kreme. In my older age I have come to better realize that the best things only remain the best things in moderation. While I practice practicing restraint now, I know that it will only make the occasional future indulgence all the sweeter!

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