Monday, December 18, 2006

One Body, Many Members—Romans 12:4

”By using the example of the body, Paul teaches that it is impossible for any one of us to do everything on our own, for we are members of each other and need one another. For this reason we ought to behave toward one another with care, because we need each other’s gifts.” —Ambrosiaster, Commentary on Paul’s Epistles

I have only begun to understand this concept within the last few years—more like year and a half really. I never thought of myself as having the narrow minded view that we are all called to the same task in life, but I was called on it whenever I complained to Der a long while back about a mutual friend. I don’t remember exactly what I said, nor exactly Der’s response, but the idea and the chastisement hit home. It was basically this, “Don’t criticize other people for having a different calling than you.” I didn’t even know what my calling was at the time, but I remember not being too pleased that our friend was not conforming to the educational mold that he had sought to put himself under. An equal arrogance on my part was in thinking Der would care or agree.

The second most important aspect in my journey of learning about the Body of Christ—in all its diversity—is walking so closely with friends and community. I see their strengths, I see their weaknesses, and I’ve begun to see how it is we all fit so well together. We complement each other’s gifts, we hold in check each other’s weaknesses, and often step in to aid when one or the other of us doesn’t have the capabilities of another.

Pelagius, in his Commentary on Romans, was right:

”For as individuals we could not have had all the gifts, for then we might have become proud….Nor could we all have the same gift, for then the likeness of the body of Christ would not be present among us.”


Inkling said...

Amy, I can't put it into words exactly.....but you have no idea how much I needed to hear that just now. Thank you for sharing!!!!!!

Amy said...

Yeah, I needed that reminder too!

McClelland Family said...

Nicely put. I think we all need that reminder more often that we would like to admit!

McClelland Family said...

BTW...hope you had a Merry Christmas and are doing well!:)