Saturday, December 16, 2006


I've been told I need to write more. That I need to lower my standards and just do it. That I shouldn't wait for divine inspiration. That my little sister writes more than I do in an average e-mail. That my mama wears army boots. Wait, no body told me that.

Truth me told, I have been writing a little. In a Moleskine not on a blog. I've been doing a verse by verse study of Romans 12, chewing it over, then writing reflections. I thought about sharing on here, but thinking doesn't always materialize into tangible action.

I also wrote a little bit on my evolving view of country music. I'm beginning to respect some of it. Some, mind you. But I will have to post those thoughts another day.

And then there's my documented wrestlings with a new side job. Also in a Moleskine. Back issues of which are likely not to be published on here, but future thoughts very well could be. I dunno, what do you think about grant writing?

I'm currently in Charlotte, North Carolina--in a hotel. Never in my life did I picture myself in a hotel in Charlotte. A house maybe, my house even, but it's a little weird coming back as a visitor to this city that I lived in (or around) many...ten years?

There, these are my thoughts. I have been writing. But I've been doing more thinking about writing than actual writing. So now I've done it. I've lowered my standard and just done it. I haven't waited for divine inspiration. I have now written at least as much as my little sister in one of her average e-mails.

And just for the record--my mama doesn't wear army boots.


Jayme said...

good girl

bonnie said...

what are you doing here?!!


Amy said...

I was in for Elizabeth Trent's graduation shin-dig!