Tuesday, June 06, 2006

The Universal Tight-Rope Act

I’m preparing for an upcoming move. I’m in between. It’s a weird little stage--creating more loose ends than tying up. There's so much unceasing urgency. I fell that I've finished as well as I could with this last season of life, but beginning well in the next has always been a rather un-balancing act for me. My move is both a physical change of location and a practical change of calling. Everything seems so uncertain, unstable; a tight-rope walk that is both incredibly intimidating with every step yet spectacularly invigorating as I can see some distant end in sight. I know not whether the next step will hold me up or cause me to slip.

I recall a quote from a play I was once in, "Hope and the world hopes with you. Despair and you despair alone." It seems subjectively true. The very nature of hope is more widely inclusive, more diversely encompassing. While despair is a solitary confinement from any semblance of relation, any hint of sympathy. Why must there be such extremes?

I invite you to click here to follow what my dear friend, Jayme, has observed on this very reflection. It is from her that my introductory lilt and content are mimicked, and it is to her that I extend my utmost thanks for initiating this pensive session.


L. Mckinley Davis said...

Hard times and hard decisions befall us all. Keeping an eye on the skies and at least one foot on the ground can be increasingly difficult in this day and age of neon and digital.

But as Chesterton once said "Fairy tales are more than true, not because they have dragons, but because the dragons can be beaten."

-Logan Davis

Anonymous said...

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