Monday, September 29, 2003

Confronting the Demons Within

(Christian Culture by Steve Schlissel)

On the multi-sentence parenthetical statement found on page 37 of Mr. Schlissel’s book, addressing the evils of dispensational theology:

It’s taken me a long time to realize how easily I can be pushed to jump up on my soap box and talk down about the evils of the Baptist-Fundamentalist faith. At the drop of a hat I could unleash the bitterness I have towards the promotion of their ignorant yet blatant promotion of heresy and hopelessness. And then, over a period of time, I realized that it was bitterness that was driving me and not any supernatural desire to change or minister to those who come from the same background. It is because of the relative newness of that discovery that I cringe when reading Schlissel. Not because he’s a bad man—I’ve met him, he’s nice—and not because he’s opinionated—for the most part he’s opinionated in all the right spots. But because I know that opinions are my weakness. I’m willing to give them out when ever I feel the need and have often gotten myself in trouble for doing so. I see the need to be quiet more often—or to at least pursue a wisdom in knowing when and how the most appropriate time and manner would be played out in broaching a “soap box” issue. I think that’s the key, because if truth is true it should be proclaimed. But it should be proclaimed with the greatest means of grace to fit the message of truth properly.

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