Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Call Jehovah

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As I prayed for Dr. Grant and the SGI team one morning, the 19th centuary words of “Call Jehovah” became a part of my intercession. I sang what little I could remember, “Call Jehovah your salvation, rest beneath th’ Almighty’s shade; in His secret habitation dwell, and never be dismayed”. From there I could recall only the hymn tune. When I got home I headed straight for my trusty hymn book, “Arrayed Before the Throne”, to pray the rest of the song on behalf of our brothers and sisters in the Servant Group team:

“From the sword at noon-day wasting,
From the noisome pestilence,
In the depth of mid-night blasting,
God shall be your sure defense:
He shall charge His angel legions
Watch and ward o’er you to keep;
Though you walk through hostile regions,
Though in desert wilds you sleep.”

Come to find out, the hymn talked about “hostile regions” and “desert wilds”.

While everyone here at King’s Meadow and in the Franklin community is earnestly petetioning for the safe return of Der and the Servant Group team, we are constantly reminded that they’ve answered a call to share the gospel in a land of oportunity. As Dr. Grant said before he left:

“Yes, it will be a difficult trip. Yes, it will be a costly trip. Yes, it will be a dangerous trip. But [we are] committed to running toward the roar. Besides, the opportunities our team has been afforded are absolutely incredible."

Come to find out, he was thinking about more than the “hostile regions” and “desert wilds”.

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