Thursday, April 07, 2011

S4theD: Day 26

I recently went for one of my longest runs since November. Right about the time I started hurtin' and feelin' my lack of fitness this song came on my iPod. Imagine those first two lines as you're running down a "lonesome" road. The realization just hit you: trying to train for a half marathon in a month probably isn't the brightest thing you've ever done. Now you get the picture. Let's just say that this song, while I do like it for what it is, will not be appearing on any future running playlists!

Look Down That Lonesome Road
by Among the Oak and Ash

Look up, look down that lonesome road
Lay down your little head and cry my love
Hang your little head and cry

The darkest night I ever saw
Was the day I left my home my love
The day I left my home

The two best friends must part some day
And why not you and I my love
Why not you and I

Oh why oh why oh why my love
Why not you and I

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