Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Red Herring

I have yet to try Dishwasher Salmon. Not having a dishwasher myself has proven more of an obstacle than I had originally thought. I do so very much want to attempt it soon though, so keep your hopes up and I will post as soon as the experiment is executed.

On a slightly different but terribly similar note, I should like to report that I did try zip-lock-microwave salmon in my Logic class yesterday. My students found it a bit unbearable in smell and extremely revolting in appearance. I am sure that is only the case because I neglected to "dress it up", if you will, with any herbs, veggies, and the like. At any rate it was a jolly fun endeavor. We were learning about Red Herring fallacies so I told them about the horse riding hunting trips of yore when the hunters would take their trained dogs and galavant all through the woods in search for foxes. To train their hounds, hunters would wave dead fish (red herrings) across the fox scent to get the dogs off track and then in turn teach them to stay on track. So, we set out on a lemon hunting expedition in class yesterday while the wafting scent of microwave salmon lingered in the air threatening to detract them from their common and proper search. Ah, the joys of teaching!

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Tori said...

How to properly dress salmon:
1) Cover baking tray with aluminum
2) Arrange salmon on tray
3) Squeeze fresh lemon juice on salmon
4) Sprinkle salmon with salt and freshly cracked black pepper
5) Sprinkle rosemary, fresh from the garden, over the salmon.
6) Bake in oven set to 250 degrees F for 35 minutes.