Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dishwasher Salmon

I will be hosting a small dinner party later this week where I have decided to serve salmon. It has been a while since I have used the particular recipe I have in mind so I decided to defer to the wonderful world of Googledom to remind me how I should best cook the fish.

Did I mention that I love Googledom?! I mean apart from having Alton Brown and The Food Channel right at my beckon call, I also have those who have stepped out on their own, charted new courses, and decided to share with us less established cooks new and exciting ways to get the same result. And that is how I found out about Dishwasher Salmon. I do not have a dishwasher myself, but anyone who knows me can testify that such minor details rarely stop me from trying. So, since I can not try right now I have decided just to share my discovery. Do let me know if you try this at home before I do!


*salmon fillets
*aluminum foil
*a lemon
*a few butter pats
*electric dishwasher

Place the fish on two large sheets of aluminum foil. Squeeze on some lemon juice and place the pats of butter on the salmon fillets. Seal the fillets well in the foil, and place the foil packet in the top wire basket of your electric dishwasher. DO NOT ADD SOAP OR DETERGENT. Close the dishwasher door, set the dishwasher on the hottest wash cycle, complete with drying cycle, and let it run through a full cycle. When the cycle is complete the fish will be cooked just right.


Jayme said...

You're really gonna need a follow up post so we can hear how that turned out.

Amy said...

I'm planning on it. I think I might try it at the Wilbur's house on Wednesday night while baby sitting. Don't tell them!

StacyDavis said...

That's bizarre. What else can you cook in the dishwasher? Does it contain the fish smell? You definitely need to tell us how this worked out.