Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ohhh Hoodie!

You will start hearing me say "Ohhh hoodie"! It'll even be in an endearing tone of voice. I love the NFL's Ode to the Hoodie commercial. I'm sure that I'd seen it before but in watching the Pre-season opener between the Tennessee Titans and the Washington Redskins I viewed it again for the very first time! Seeing as the actual commercial is no where to be found in the worlds of YouTube or other Internet video, I thought I'd share these wonderful lyrics:

Oh hoodie-
Monument to the durable.
Fast friend.
Uncomplaining sucker of sweat.
In our most trying times, you still tried.
When other garments stopped at the neck,
you said, “Oh no, the head needs a garage.”
Our arms would pull off well before yours-
yet this is how we treat you.
Oh hoodie.

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