Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spontaneous Poetry

I’m playing around with poetry. Reading a bit of it in verse form but also reading authors who are quite poetically eloquent in prose form as well. I just decided to spontaneously write a poem. So I did.

I obviously have not gotten past the rhyme-every-line-what-is-this-supposed-to-mean stage! And apart from deleting two words for the sake of one better one I didn’t edit anything either. I think I’ll keep at it. If you don’t know what this little poem means…don’t ask me because chances are I’ll just make something up!

Truth is stranger than fiction,
One must weed through all the diction
To get to the very core.
The lie of every lore
Is compelled to stand
Atop the lay of every land
Surveying across the ages
Through the eyes of ancient sages
The battles and the buildings,
The forests and the fieldlings,
The nobles and the knights.

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Bonnie said...

who is the artist for that painting?

in Charlotte