Sunday, September 24, 2006

Chapter 3 of a 4 Chapter Book

This weekend I'm in North Carolina. The land of Cheerwine, Cherry Lemon Sun Drop, Bojangles, and Pet Chocolate Milk! Those are the things I remember best about this state that nurtured me through childhood. Along with Ronnie's Wings, K & W Cafeteria, Elizabeth's Pizza, K & W Cafeteria, Eddie's Pizza, K & W Cafeteria, Mayflower Seafood and, lest I forget, K & W Cafeteria--along with all these places came a sense of place that was indiscernable to me as a small child, incomprehendable as a jurnior higher, and unacknowledged as a high schooler. Who knew that food could root a person like that? Who knew that those chicken wings, those house special calzones, the bowls of strawberries, mac 'n cheese, and occasionally fried mushrooms, followed by strawberry pie for dessert--who knew that would come to mean so much after I've gone?

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Inkling said...

Oh Amy, I hear you. I think the first time I'm finally allowed to cross the border and head to my grandma's, I'll get positively weepy at the taste of Custard Cup, or Beef House rolls. You are right. Food does give us a sense of place, memories complete with triggers from all five senses, and a comfortable familiarity that all is well with our world. Who would have thought? Thanks for sharing.