Sunday, July 17, 2005

Elijah Concentrate

There is so much here! I am trying to unpack it all and then I realize that I have been jumping around schizophrenic-like as usual. I feel that I have got the whole picture and then it hits me that I am not even sure that I have read the whole narrative from beginning to end. Where did he come from, this Elijah the Tishbite? Where in heaven's name is Tishbe, tell me quick and then I would know! He just shows up in chapter 17 of I Kings and boy, is it a whirlwind ride from there. Confronting the king, praying for no rain, no rain, empty grain barrel one minute, unable to contain the overflow of grain the next, raising a boy from the dead, proposing a duel of sacrifices, jeering at the false prophets when nothing is going their way and then dumping 12 buckets of water on his own sacrifice and having God consume it--bull, wood, stones, water, ditch and all. And then there is the aftermath. He does not just leave it at that, there is cleaning up to do and rebuilding. Oh, and maybe while he is at it he will start a school of prophets with his disciple Elisha just to leave a lasting nagging impression on any and all future kings who decide not to tear down the high places and opt to walk in the ways of their father Jeroboam. Drama, drama, drama.

It never ceases to amaze me how even God's method, His structure, in conveying His message is so revealing and consistent to His character. To put so much in a story. To even converse through story itself is so very potent and unassailable. For the ordinary saint, it is the gospel in interpersonal tangibility. For the theology buff, it is a parable of many faceted ponderables. Either way it is grace concentrate. So deliberate and yet so vivid. The story of Elijah is proof once again that Scripture really is only one story--His Story.


Kermit & Electra said...

Amy, have you found any good commentary or study guide that helps with background andhistory of the prophets? I'm trying to read Isaiah again, but slow going. I don't know how else to read it best but to do it all at once and I don't hhave time to read all 66 chapters at one sitting, so what's a body to do? Wait on it till the proper time and season? ~K.

Amy said...

I'm looking for just the right ones. Right now I'm reading through "The Wisdom and the Folly" by Dale Ralph Davis. I'm going to be selective reading through a book I got from Der called "Kingdom of Priests" by Eugene Merrill. I've had to put aside my study of the school of the prophets for a couple of weeks, but picking it back up now is looking to be loads of fun!